Türkoğlu Anadolu Lisesi

Anatolian High School education Turkoglu started in 04/09/1996. Our school depends on Kahramanmaras province, the provincial center, 20 km away that Turkoglu is situated in the district. 2007-2008 academic year as school principal, a head deputy director, two assistant principals at the 27 branches teacher, a civil servant in a servant to a total of 33 personnel service provides. Our school 19 classrooms, 1 pc labs, 1 library, 1 meeting room, guidance and fitness room on four floors in a building education to continue. Turkoglu total of 442 students in Anatolian high schools are. Schools in mathematics and science in our Turkish-English-weighted students are trained in the field. Teaching German as a second foreign language is also ta.
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